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Booking Polices for Groupon Purchases


If you are a returning client, please book your appointment on the main booking page as Groupon purchases are ONLY accepted to FIRST TIME clients and are not redeemable for returning clients. For first time visitors, Welcome and thank you for visiting!!!

  • Below you will find booking instructions and answers to questions you may have prior to purchasing your Groupon.

  • Please note this booking page is for NEW GROUPON CLIENTS ONLY and are redeemable for first time clients. Fills purchased with Groupon should be scheduled within the allotted time frame or you will forfeit your service and will receive an upcharge for fills scheduled at later dates. 

  • Purchasing a Groupon DOES NOT exclude the required $20 non-refundable deposit. Lash services booking polices can be located on the main booking page. 

  • Lash services will NOT be provided at 601 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, Fl. 33602. You will receive a confirmation email followed by an additional email with your appointment location New Tampa, FL. 33647, after your deposit is received and your appointment is secured

  • IMPORTANT Groupon vouchers are ONLY accepted on Tuesday or Thursday 4pm-7pm. 

  • Click the read more tab for detailed information.

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